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Northeast Performer on Volume, Tone, Tempo

Northeast Performer Magazine April 2002 -Adam Crepeau The Curtain Society was formed during the period of time we have come to refer as the “late 80’s and early 90’s.” The British noise rock scene had been fully integrated with the college radio scene. The Jesus & Mary Chain had released Psychocandy a few years earlier […]

It’s the sound, not the size

It’s the sound, not the size, at Roger Lavallee’s Tremolo Lounge By Scott McLennan Telegram & Gazette Staff During a recent visit to Tremolo Lounge recording studio in West Boylston, the telephone in the studio rang twice. First it was a call from New York City concerning business for RCA Records. Producer David Werner was […]

About.com MP3 of the Week – Two Wonderful Stars

– Chad Kempfert The Curtain Society was a shining star in a stable of artists at the now dead and buried Bedazzled Records, along with the bands Ultracherry Violet, Siddal and Viola Peacock. The music is a hybrid of beautiful feedback saturated guitar and catchy power pop. Although the band has matured and tried to […]

The Noise – 10th Anniversary CD review

The Noise – 10th Anniversary CD review March 1999 by Joel Simches If there were ever a band in this musical mecca that should be huge in an REM sort of way, it should be this band. Every time I listen to these guys or see them perform live, I get that giddy feeling of […]

Drone Alone – Worcester Phoenix 1998

Drone alone The Curtain Society continue to make pop their way by John O’Neill If at all familiar with the sounds of the Worcester-based Curtain Society, you’d be inclined to think they’re a dower bunch of fellas. Brooding, introspective, maybe a little bit too serious — they’re like the misunderstood kid who dresses in black […]

Furia.com on Life Is Long, Still

The Curtain Society: Life Is Long, Still If the lingering presence of “delicate” in my description continues to worry you, another step along the continuum toward more familiar territory brings us to the reverb-drunk Boston trio The Curtain Society, who exist perched precariously on the border between Boston’s fanatically cohesive neo-gothic underground (definitively represented on […]

The Noise – issue 166

Life Is Long, Still . . . So Is the Haul from D.C. to Portland. by Kristy Andrelunas If you have yet to see The Curtain Society, here’s what you’re missing: a completely polished three-piece band with a tight drummer and bassist of the highest caliber, one of the most amazing guitarists in the Northeast, […]

Life Is Long, Still – The Big Takeover

The Big Takeover – Life is Long, Still Review by Jack Rabid Has this band come a long way! Not that their debut, Inertia, wasn’t tasty, but, in terms of progress, this is the difference between a college senior and a high school one. This Boston-area trio still betrays a menu of early ’80s Brit […]

Worcester Phoenix – Curtain Society celebrate Life is Long, Still

Curtain Society celebrate Life is Long, Still The Worcester Phoenix, 27 September 1996 Joe Longone Climbing up Airport Hill, Ron Mominee, Roger Lavallee, and Duncan Arsenault look over the city and beyond to a dream of becoming the world’s next big sound to hit the world. For Curtain Society, their next step closer will be […]

Worcester Magazine 1996

The Curtain Society opens up Worcester Magazine, 18 Sep 1996 Mark. J. Cadigan Everyone deserves a second chance. That includes bands. When drummer Duncan Arsenault first heart the Curtain Society at the Worcester Artist Group in the late ’80s, he wasn’t impressed. “I really thought they sucked,” he said during a recent interview, causing bandmates […]

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