// Discography


Every Corner of the Room, Orcaphat Records, 2005 (CD/ MP3)

Volume, Tone, Tempo, Bedazzled Records, 2000 (CD-EP)

10th Anniversary Celebration, 1998 (4 song CD )

Life is Long, Still, Bedazzled Records, 1996 (CD / MP3)

Inertia, Bedazzled Records, 1995 (CD / MP3)

Where Are You?, Apostrophe Records, 1992 (cassette)

Singles and compilations

“Birds Fly Information”, Boston Does Boston – Animal Rescue League Benefit Album 2013
“Slowberry”. Still Green Soundtrack 2009 (iTunes link)
“No Wonder”, It’s Your Local Music 2002
“Sleigh Ride”, A Very Local Christmas 2003, Bedazzled Records X-Mas, 1997
“Plaster”, Several Bands Galore, Claire Records, 1998
“Swing/Evanston”, Splashed with Many a Speck, Dewdrops Records, 1997
“Riverful”, Losing Today Magazine, 1997
“Mouthwithout (version 2)”, Nigh, Castle von Buhler Records, 1997
“Mouthwithout”, Bedazzled Records, 1997 (7″ vinyl) (backed with “Swamp Thing”)
“Ferris Wheel”, Radio Hepcats Vol. 1, 1996
“Gravity”, Anon, Castle von Buhler Records, 1995
“Cradle, Woke Up Smiling, Bedazzled Records, 1995
“Love Ends, Soon, Castle von Buhler Records, 1994
“Adrenaline, Kindred Spirits, Bedazzled Records, 1994
“Chelsea”, Bedazzled Records, 1993 (backed with “All Over You 7”)

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