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The Curtain Society hale from Worcester, MA, just 45 minutes west of Boston, yet somehow in the middle of nowhere. The inspiration for Paul Simon’s “My Little Town” has needed its champions over the years, and few have done as much to promote wormtown’s music as producer Roger Lavallee. Apparently all the work he’s done with other bands, as well as his naturally world class ears, has helped broaden the pallette of The Curtain Society. Tracks such as “Diver” and “Feather” are leaps and bounds beyond anything they’ve done before. In lieu of their trademark typhoon of guitars, we find baroque pop influences, chiming Byrds-like arpeggios, New Zealand pop sparkle, and the best singing Lavallee has ever done.

(Corin Ashley, The Big Takeover magazine, Issue 58)

The Curtain Society Discography 1988-present

The Curtain Society demos, out takes and rarities

Beautiful Dub – Released on the 10th Anniversary CD handed out to every who attended the show.

Sleigh Ride – An instrumental version of the Leroy Anderson classic. Released on the “A Very Local Christmas” and the “Bedazzled Records Xmas CD”

Theme from Tremolo Lounge – Recording studios need theme songs.

Beautiful Song (Live Acoustic) – Live at Vincent’s October 30, 2002

Across the Universe (The Beatles cover) – A wedding gift to a childhood friend of Roger’s. Never released

Swing/Evanston – This is a full band version of Swing from Inertia. It has a different arrangement and two extra verses. Released on the “Splashed with many a Speck” compilation on Dewdrops Records.

Mouthwithout (Version Two) From the Castle Von Buhler compilation Nigh

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