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Photos from Vincent’s

Check out these photos from the great Steve King at Worcester Magazine from the bands show at Vincent’s in Worcester MA http://worcestermag.com/2014/12/18/photo-gallery-curtain-society-celebrate-26/29884

The Big Takeover on Mark Burgess & The Curtain Society

MARK BURGESS – HENNESSEY’S (BOSTON, MA) – JULY 21, 2009 by Tim Bugbee 24 July 2009 Sometimes it pays to be in the right place at the right time, to witness something singular. Fifteen years ago by happenstance I saw JOHN VALENTIN of the Boston Red Sox turn the tenth unassisted triple play ever in […]

Mars Needs Guitars on Every Corner of the Room

Yeah, you know me by now. I get in a shoegaze feedback loop and cycle endlessly amid droning guitars. I can’t help it, I really can’t. Which leads me to The Curtain Society. Maybe shoegaze isn’t the right description but The Curtain Society definitely have been influenced by that genre and grew up in the […]

The Big Takeover on Every Corner Of The Room

The Curtain Society hale from Worcester, MA, just 45 minutes west of Boston, yet somehow in the middle of nowhere. The inspiration for Paul Simon’s “My Little Town” has needed its champions over the years, and few have done as much to promote wormtown’s music as producer Roger Lavallee. Apparently all the work he’s done […]

Hybrid Magazine on Every Corner Of The Room

I am so pleased to be telling you that there is a new record available from The Curtain Society. I fell in love with this band many years ago, and after an EP and an amazing full length album, the band seemed to disappear. Their early works were full-on dark shoegazer brilliance; wall of sound […]

Telegram on Every Corner of the Room

Curtain rises again with new CD By Scott McLennan T&G Entertainment Columnist The Curtain Society is easily one of the more familiar names to those who follow music coming out of Worcester, and nothing physically has changed about the band since early 1994 when Duncan Arsenault signed on as drummer alongside bass player Ron Mominee […]

Northeast Performer on Every Corner of the Room

Northeast Performer March 2006 The Curtain Society — Every Corner Of The Room Recorded by the Curtain Society at Tremolo Lounge Worcester’s Curtain Society have returned to demonstrate that their hometown scene has more to offer than over-the-top hard rock and metal. Every Corner Of The Room is the band’s third full-length, and their first […]

Wormtown.org on Every Corner Of The Room

“On this album The Curtain Society figure out a way to accentuate the best parts of their sound and managed to reign in the over lengthiness of past record’s songs. That’s definitely something worth celebrating. ” THE CURTAIN SOCIETY – “EVERY CORNER OF THE ROOM” (Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by The Curtain Society at Tremolo […]

Mixtape Daily on ECOTR

The Curtain Society’s newest disc, Every Corner Of The Room is solid end to end, and is a work that plays best when listened to as such. The songs are woven together so tightly, with sounds so perfectly and subtly varied, that it is nearly impossible to skip a single track as you meander through […]

Starpolish on The Curtain Society

By: Joseph McCombs I’ve got high hopes for the Worcester, MA-based Curtain Society, a threesome channeling the spirits of ‘80s modern rock. With chiming guitar strums and hummable falsettos decorating their backdrop, they sound like far more than three people at any given time — always a welcome attribute. “Restorationist,” a friend described their sound, […]

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