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Starpolish on The Curtain Society

By: Joseph McCombs

I’ve got high hopes for the Worcester, MA-based Curtain Society, a threesome channeling the spirits of ‘80s modern rock. With chiming guitar strums and hummable falsettos decorating their backdrop, they sound like far more than three people at any given time — always a welcome attribute. “Restorationist,” a friend described their sound, and I can’t think of a more apt term: they’re restoring the sound of the Golden Age of modern rock (Church, Cure et al) and sounding delightful in the process. The drum fills and lead axe flourishes are designed but not mechanized, the lines and themes are accessible but not simplistic, and the vocals are refreshingly free of whining and growling. I’d be even more enamored if they wrote actual refrains for their songs, but I’m quite satisfied with what I hear here.

The Curtain Society - Life Is Long, Still



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