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The Noise – 10th Anniversary CD review

The Noise – 10th Anniversary CD review March 1999
by Joel Simches

If there were ever a band in this musical mecca that should be huge in an REM sort of way, it should be this band. Every time I listen to these guys or see them perform live, I get that giddy feeling of seeing that first rock concert, going with some friends to see that favorite rock band and hearing them perform that obscure b-side that only you and your friend s know all the worlds to. This little teaser of a release is no exception.The Curtain Society - Tenth Anniversary

The Curtain Society has persevered and has evolved into a band with a sound all its own. Though borrowing heavily from the sounds of Springhouse, Chameleons, and Cocteau Twins, the trio of Roger, Duncan and Ron have truly taken this sound to new heights with the song “Two Wonderful Stars” which features vocal harmonies Brian Wilson would wet himself over. “Beautiful Song” lives up to its namesake and both versions of this featured here just scream “hit record.” Roger Lavallees’ songwriting and production skills have never been better than on this record and though I’m reviewing this in the middle of February, and I hate X-ma$$, the bands Cocteau Twins-meets-The Ventures version of “Sleigh Ride” not only didn’t make me puke my guts out, but actually made me giggle, especially when the band breaks into the ultra campy version of “Christmastime is Her” from “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” Somebody please sign these guys and promote them heavily. The Curtain Society needs to be heard and appreciated by the masses, not lost and forgotten on some obscure indie. Go see this band NOW!!!!!!!!!!!


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